Welcome to “Visualization of transformations” (ViT)! Here you will find a collection of interactive sites illustrating certain key features of linear transformations. Linear transformations form the conceptual core of linear algebra. This subject is especially well suited for dynamical visualizations. You will find numerous examples here.

The website addresses lecturers and students at universities and university colleges. Both campus students and remote students can profit from working on ViT. Some modules are appropriate for distant learning and self-study, others fit as illustrations and demonstrations under the guidance of a teacher. You will find possibilities for exploration, as well as interactive modules working on important concepts and techniques. You will also find exercises with applications.

The main menu to the left shows the different chapters (1-8). Every chapter has got three sections “Explain”, “Explore” and “Exercise”. Together this gives a versatile and comprehensive approach to every subject.

Dynamical objects
Most of the interactive modules are developed in GeoGebra. Many students are already acquainted with this tool and if desired the source-code for the Geogebra-modules may be downloaded, an offer for those who want to create variants or who need technical inspiration to their own GeoGebra-projects. There are some modules developed in Adobe Flash, especially where more involved animation was required. You will also find a number of YouTube-videos where the dynamical modules are introduced.

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