Thea Beck

The Hotel

At I sat in my hotel room bed and I couldnít help but think about what strange event had lead me to this place. I hadnít dared to try my magical ability, which is to make the sun rise and set again, after receiving the letter from Archibald Baker. It was just such a bizarre and unrealistic ability. I sighed; it was a useless ability. The only times I could think of where this ability might be useful was for first dates; to get a extra special sunset during the date. Or if I was ever attacked by vampires at sunset I could fry their asses by making the sun rise again, but vampires arenít real. Right? I had always dreamed of a world of more mystery and magic since, well since ever. What child doesnít want magic to be real?

Of course I would have a useless ability; an ability that wasnít going to help anyone. I scoffed while thinking: ďTypical Thea; learning that I have an amazing ability, and I canít do anything but complain.Ē

A man named London Fisher was going to take me and three other people on this quest around Bergen to figure out about phlogiston, whatever that was. I didnít really know why I had accepted the invitation to come here, but here I was and I did want to know why I had this special ability. An hour left before I had to meet downstairs. A quick nap before meeting this people seemed like a good idea. I didnít realize how exhausted I was before my head hit the pillow and sleep quickly followed.

The Witch's Stone

The limousine ride was awkward and silent. Everyone was unsure and uncomfortable. Well, everyone but London Fisher who couldnít stop talking. Apparently the place we were driving to was a witch stone. Fisher started to explain why we were going there and what to look for, but I found myself drifting of. I couldnít stop thinking about my mom and what she would think about all this.

When we exited the limousine I was hit by the smells and sounds of the area. The ocean, barbecue from the park, laughter, and Ö.penguin sounds? I took me a second to see the Aquarium in front of us. From what I had gathered from the limousine ride I thought the witch stone was a mystical place where witches were burnt, but what I saw didnít match that. All I saw was a tall slender stone next to this big Aquarium. I wouldnít even have noticed it had it not been for Fisher pointing it out. What was I looking for again? Oh yeah, phlogiston. I didnít even know what it looked like, or felt like for that matter.

Where was Fisher? I looked around but I couldnít see him anywhere. I light myself a smoke and walked over to Daniel, Makayla and Nora. ďSo, found anything of that good phlogiston stuff yet?Ē They laughed and I think they were just as lost as I was. They started talking about what experiences theyíve had, but I couldnít help think that what I had experienced was nothing like theirs. They all seemed to have experienced the same thing; seeing something that could only be explained as their double.

Something inside of me didnít want to share my experience, so when it was my time to speak I avoided the question and asked if any of them had seen Fisher. The second I asked something felt wrong. As I looked at my companions they had the same look on their faces. We all looked as though something was horribly wrong. I felt painfully stretched, but at the same time I felt crowded. Someone screamed, I think it was Makayla. Was this phlogiston stuff what Fisher was talking about? If so, I didnít want anything to do with it. As the horrible feeling washed over me I could swear I heard whispers, nothing I could make out but whispers no doubt. I tried to force myself to think of my sanctuary; a cabin in the mountains, moonlight, hot chocolate and my mom, but as the pain wore off I only felt lost and alone.

Fisher appeared from what seemed like nowhere and asked us we had found anything yet. Our looks told him all he needed to know. He called for the limousine and said that we could go back to the hotel and rest for a while. When everyone felt better we would have dinner together, and talk about what we had found and our expectations for this trip.Finally back at the hotel I yet again felt exhausted. I really didnít feel like dining with them, or talking about this trip. I didnít feel like myself any more, something was stirring beneath the surface, and I didnít like it.

After what seemed like hours of talking and talking, of which I was a large part responsible for, I was finally back at my hotel room. I couldnít stop talking with the other companions as it was the only thing to keep my mind from going to this dark place I didnít even know I had within me. This phlogiston had really done a number on me. I had almost convinced myself at dinner that I saw through someone else's eyes. I really needed sleep, but Fisher had given us ďexcitingĒ news. We were going on mount Ulriken tomorrow. So the 12 hours of sleep I was planning was cut down to 6 hours. Thanks a lot London Fisher. After our trip to the witch stone London Fisher had really gotten on my bad side, and I didnít really know why. Right now however, I didnít care. I wanted sleep.

The Mountain

The ride up to the mountain was amazing. We got to see the whole of Bergen, and the sun was really on our side this morning. I had been told that it rained in Bergen 99% of the time, so being here in this wonderful sunlight warmed me and every bad vibe I felt vanished. When we got to the top however and started walking it felt like something was truly trying to break out.

The silence of the mountain crawled up my back and chills swiftly followed. We stumbled upon a pond with an old cabin on the far side. The darkness in me tried to break through again. Like the cabin was to be feared or destroyed. I pushed it away and followed my companions. An old man welcomed us inside, but my body hesitated with each step.

The old man invited us inside his warm cabin. The cabin was small, but cozy. We got tea, which was most welcoming since the weather outside was turning cold. Fisher was talking to the old man about why we were here in Bergen Ė about the doubles, and the phlogiston. His face turned; from happy and welcoming to worried and frightened. He went outside to grab a bucket, but for what purpose I donít know. He walked to the edge of the cliff. Taking a step forward and reaching out. My mind turned black; as if something had demanded control. Only a second must had passed by and when I opened my eyes the old man was gone. Fisher called out that the old man had fallen, but somehow I knew better.

Ever since the witch stone incident, there had been a darkness inside of me that had been trying to take over. There are moments I canít even remember. Glimpses of old rituals and people flash before my eyes. Itís like part of me knows whatís happening. The darkness takes over once more and in that one moment I knew. A hidden part of me had awoken, and it felt like I couldnít fight it for much longer. How could something so dark be hidden inside me? Did my mom know this when I caught glimpses of her watching me?

When we sat in that cabin waiting for Fisher to come back in I couldnít help but miss my mom. I drifted off again. Thinking of old memories of mom teaching me how to read tarot cards, and when I was being read my mom would always get the same card; a card of two suns, where one of the suns was darker than the other. She would look at me with an unreadable face, as though she knew what my future would hold in this one card. She had been the only constant in my life, and without her it was like this dark side of me would be an easier escape than to face the world alone. It would take all of my strength to not surrender to this darkness.
I have to keep the doppelgangers apart, and this old man was about to ruin everything. There was always someone who knew more than they should. Luckily I didnít have to use too much of my power to make the old geezer tumble off the mountain. I had to protect the spell for only a little longer. The spell that was cast hundreds of years ago was growing by the day, and without this power this new ďmeĒ would fade yet again. This time would not be any different than the next. I would just have to prepare more for the world demise. I will see it through. I will not let that little human suppress me again. The ritual will work and I will stay in control. I only have to get rid of that occultist.

London Fisher; he was always there with those watchful eyes piercing through me. It wouldnít be safe to harness the power of the doppelgangers with him there, and Thea is still battling me.

When the first sun sets tonight, this will trouble me no more.

What was happening to me?

The Walk to the Camp

Fisher eventually came back after looking for the old man who had fallen off the mountain. By the look in his eyes I could tell he hadnít found him, and something else that I couldnít put my finger on. Whatever it was it seemed to be directed at me because he grabbed me and lead me outside. ďWhat did you do?!!Ē he yelled. I told myself that I couldnít understand why he would ask me, and only me. ďI didnít do anything! I was sitting next to you remember?Ē I yelled back, but deep inside I still couldnít shake the feeling that somehow this was my fault. I didnít have any recollection of those few seconds the old man had walked over to the cliff, but I had no intention on telling Fisher. Even his name started to taste foul in my mouth. He walked back inside the cabin and gathered the others, and before I could utter a world he told us to hurry. We had apparently wasted valuable time, even though we had been waiting on him.

As we started walking to where we going to sleep for the night my mind turned black again. A feeling of intense rage was brewing right under my skin and it was almost painful. All I could do when my mind was my own again was take deep breaths. I had to keep it together, the blackouts were getting worse and I felt weaker than ever.
Who was he to yell at me! He should consider himself lucky that I needed to save my power to the ritual. I could break him like a twig with a flick of my finger. I canít wait to be free of this pathetic human. All those years being trapped within different humans just waiting for the right host. My patient was at its end. Just a few more hours now.

The Ritual

We sat up our tents about an hourís walk from the cable cart. Fisher told us it was because it would give us a perfect view of the star filled sky but at the same time be close to the cable cart if an emergency were to happen. I was just glad we had stopped and was more excited to see the night sky. While we prepared to make dinner I saw Fisher sneak into his tent. I told myself it wasnít my place to be so suspicious of him, but I just couldnít shake the feeling he was planning something more than just a nice camping night. After dinner Nora and I dug out our sleeping bags and lay them on the ground outside our tents. The sunset was drawing closer and the sky starting to fill with pink, orange and red colors. It was beautiful. For the first time since I arrived in Bergen I felt completely at peace. After looking at the sky for what seemed hours Nora decided to go to her tent. We said good night and I was left alone on the grass.

I must have dozed off because I canít remember much after that. Just glimpses of walking around camp and gathering plants and objects I didnít even remember I had packed. I started to panic as I felt wide awake but had no control of my body. Seeing myself move through my own eyes but not being able to do anything. I tried screaming but not a sound came out of my mouth. The scream just bounced and echoed in my head.

I felt so helpless, and without the power to move a muscle I could only look at what my body was doing. A few meters from our tents there was a big flat space with a stone and a lake in the middle. It looked like the witch stone only smaller. I watched as my body laid out several pieces of object on the ground in what appeared like a circle. I tried to scream and fight again but to no use. I blacked out again, and this time it felt like this was going to be the last time.

After what felt like an eternity I found myself still trapped inside my own body. Meer minutes had passed and my body seemed to be in a hurry. To my horror I saw the other people in my group standing in a circle. It didnít look like they were awake, and they sort of hovered over the lake in three marked places within the circle. As my body turned left I could see Fisher, but to my horror he was laying on the grass motionless. I felt so helpless and I didnít even know what was happening. I didnít understand what had taken over my body or what it was doing.

What were all the objects in the circle and why did my companions have to be inside it. That was when I noticed three blurry shapes outside the circle. They were almost ghostlike in appearance, but with a slight resemblance to Makayla, Daniel and Nora. I gasped as I realized they were the doubles Makayla, Daniel and Nora had been talking about. How was this even possible? Thatís when I heard the chanting. My body was chanting but not in any language I could recognize. The doubles started to walk slowly towards the others while I was screaming as high as I possibly could. The sun was setting and every nerve in my body screamed and fought as if it was my last hour on this earth. My body chanted louder and louder with more intensity. I could barely make out the sound of grass rustling behind me and it seemed like my body had heard it too because it turned with a violent jerk.

All of a sudden everything went black. I didnít know what had hit me or if my body had finished the chant. I was just glad it was over.
Finally! The stupid girl had finally fallen asleep and I could start preparing for the ritual. Since I could only work when my host was asleep the preparation and packing had taken longer than I anticipated, but I had managed to hide herbs and sacred objects within the girlís clothes and other necessities.

When the girl woke I had managed to take control of the body and no matter how high she tried to scream it just bounced of the container I had placed her in. Pathetic... After gathering my belongings from the girls backpack I walked over to the ritual place. The old stone had turned into some sort of tourist way sign. The arrogant of these stupid mortals! They wouldnít know a place of power if scratched their eyes out.

My host was disturbing me with all her damn screaming so I put her to sleep while I could do my final preparations. The end was so close I could smell it. The delightful scent of destruction! Soon the world would start over and I would be more powerful than ever! The puny humans would think me a God and I would forever keep it that way. One could never have enough slaves. While I was laying down my ritual artefacts I remember that I had forgotten about that damn London Fisher. I rushed over to his tent, but to my surprise that sneaky serpent had placed protective wards around his tent. No matter; I could still sense him and he was not in his tent. I walked the path to my ritual stone and before he could make lift a finger I had cast a paralyzing spell on him. Too easy; these humans were too easy to control.

I laughed to myself as I walked over to my ritual and put the finishing touches on it. All was ready. All was complete. Finally! All that was left were the doppelgangers. My host should witness this; my grand victory! As she woke I started calling the doppelgangers forth.

Everything was working! Everything under my control! These puny humans would burn from this world and a new era would start. The era of Seraphina! I started to chant my final verse. The girl was fighting me but it would be all for naught. I was unstoppable. I had wiped away all methods of halting this wondrous spell. The first of the two suns would call forth the destruction of this world and a new would rise in its place. Fisher might have been on my trail, but I had disposed of that damn old man in the cabin before he could convey his knowledge of this supreme event.

The damn girl was really starting to annoy me now and I had to focus on my chant. I didnít notice the sound of Fisher moving behind me before it was too late. How could this be?!! How had this failed!! Where had Fisher gotten his information! Where had he found ClaŪomh Solais!!!! I had done everything right. I had insured my success! NoÖ No! NOOO!!

London Fisher

Diary date 8/5-2013:

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. My old friend Archibald couldn't resist the offer I presented to him, although ten million is enough to change even a person of hardened integrity. His school of supernatural has fallen upon hard times in the 21st century, so I knew the offer would strike home. But never the less, Archibald, you have certainly done a fine job gather these people, Iím sorry to use you like this, but itís for the best of the world.

The crew are to arrive in Bergen tomorrow.. Months--Years of searching for the individuals with the right abilities have finally paid off. I won't go into the details of my research, but I have found several passages that tell of the occurrence of two suns. One sun will bring destruction and devastation. The other is going to bring healing. The beginning of the vortex-related phlogiston levels must have started the rising of the suns.
Who would have thought that the phenomenon had spread so widely around the world. Doubles, or doppelganger are the key to unlock and separate the witch from her incubator and I have four of the individuals with the highest phlogiston readings right in my palm.

  • Daniel Stokke has not had an easy life, but what seems to be the key here is his heritage coupled with excessive drug use, that resulted in a psycho traumatic experience where one of his hallucinations split from his mind and into the real world. I imagine that his grandparent had a supernatural side to him, but it has probably skipped some generations and presented itself in the unsuspecting ďDung/DrugĒ dealer. His phlogiston readings are already off the chart, but I need higher levels to accomplish this holy task.

  • Nora Berg is fine young lady, but her work is that of a taxidermist. From what I can gather from Archibald, she has a long list of occult websites running in her name. What we gather is that she has used organs from animals to sacrifice to ancient Gods and demons. Generally this would not have an impact on her life, but the rate she has been doing it is intense, to say the least. At least one offering a day.. Someone or something out there has taken a liking to her, and now, she figures, she has gotten in a little over her head. Our research suggest that there have spawned online doppelgangers of her, and in this digital time, that might be just as scary as the real thing. The phlogiston levels are in the low category, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose, I will fix that problem when the group arrives.

  • Makayla Brown finds herself in two time periods simultaneously. Doppelgangers usually appear in the same vicinity but she is stuck in some inter dimensional loop. What bothers me is the random changes in perspective. She jumps in time, and when she does, the doppelganger enter her body in this era. That makes her totally unpredictable, but without her the spell is not going to work. Her ability is the one that is going to exorcise the witch! I'm most notably worried about this one here. The amount of phlogiston to be given her, is minimal as she is already superfluous in energy!

  • Thea Beck -- you are unfortunately the person here who has the most to lose. Although you don't think you have a special ability, the rising of the suns, you are the locket of the Witch. My feelings on this subject should be note, and forcing a young woman to undergo such trauma and possibly death is not my intention. The witch inside her can break free and take control of her at any time, and if the prediction is true, when she does nobody will be able to stop her. It is there for I have spent years of my life trying to understand and remedy the situation, but ultimately we have no choice but to force the witch out prematurely, before her powers have peaked, and destroy her.

Diary entry 8/11-2013:

My plans have been set into motion. The witchís stone by the seaside out at Nordnes, is suffused with liquid phlogiston. It will attract many things this stone, but the rain will wash it away. In Bergen it rains an extraordinary amount, almost every day, so that won't be a long term problem. I'm going to have the limo pick them up and drive them out to Nordnes, and we will see what happens there. If things go well are going to rest up here at the hotel and wait for tomorrow, but if I see that transformations or other changes are occurring I will have the helicopter pick us up and race to Ulriken. The reasons for the doppelgangers and Thea Beck are that they diffuse their personalities to other people, so that they act as extra containers to help alleviate the stress on the poor girl. I just hope that they have the strength necessary to go through all the steps of the ritual. They have to. For the sake of the world.

Diary entry 8/12-2013:

Late evening
The trip went well, according to plan, excellent.. But watching the group from the shadows, I must say, they didn't look all that concerned about the situation. I tried to give them a brief summary of what was to happen but they seemed unable, or unwilling, to listen. Phlogiston is a peculiar substance though. It doesn't always work right away. Earlier today, before we went out to the witch stone, we ordered some drinks and food that had phlogiston enhancers in them. That went well, no apparent change in any of them. When we got to the witch stone I let them talk amongst them self, and there didn't seem to be any absorption of the phlogiston. Suddenly as I sat watching from afar, my phlogiston detection instrument went amok. What triggered this response I do not know, but all of them absorbed unheard of amounts of phlogiston. It may have been the relicís aura and the phlogiston screamed out in synergy, but for a brief moment I thought I had overdone it. The witch stone inhabited by tormented souls sought out to grab and scream at the group. It was to say the least, a disturbing sight. But just as soon it had begun the spectacle retreated and was gone.

I rushed to the group and found that they had been pretty spooked by the powers of the stone, as any normal person would. They are such a strong group of people to withstand the terror and not fall apart. I believe in them. I have faith in them. We can do this.

Diary entry 8/13-2013:

Early morning
The day is upon us. Friday the thirteenth. What an unfortunate date, but it might not be entirely random. We are to head for Ulriken today. I was in contact with Archibald earlier today. I have updated him of our journey; though I didn't tell him everything, not yet. I managed to retriever some interesting information about some weird creatures, and I sketched the creatures down in this diary for later investigation. He believes it caused by the phlogiston levels here. Very interesting, but I can't think more of it now. Ready in my backpack are my trusty diary and the rituals I'm to use against the witch. I hope that this goes smooth.

Late evening:
The most terrible thing happened not many hours ago. We ventured up to Ulriken and we approached the first destination where we should set up camp for the night. An old acquaintance of mine, namely the keeper of the hut; Frank, was there to welcome us. I was enlightening him on the case we were on and his face grew somber and dark as my tale unfolded. I saw him look fleetingly in Thea's direction, but I thought nothing of it. A friendly face washed away all my feelings of distrust and carefulness.

Moments went by and he excused himself to fetch something. We could see him through the windows heading for the cliff. My gut sank as I saw him plummet off the cliff into the abyss below. I had this feeling of disbelief. Had I seen something in his eyes and manner that could explain this? Was there a twitch or a timely push of wind that caused him to fall over? He was a man of the mountain, surely he wouldn't just fall. We ran outside. I looked around, and people were screaming and rising from their seats, except for Thea. The look she had in her eyes was darker than black.. And then I changed back to her normal self. It was only for a moment but I'm sure I saw the prisoner inside taking control.

I spent hours looking for him out there. He was nowhere to be found. And when I came back the rage had boiled in my mind, to the point where I confronted Thea. Stupid, stupid move. The girl has no recollection of doing anything, but I'm afraid that if she lets the witch out again more people will die. I let my emotions get the best of me, but I can't afford to alienate her. She has to trust me for this to work.

We set out to a sacred shrine located a little ways off the beaten path. The culmination of phlogiston is at its peak there. Guiding the group from the cabin, I was the first to arrive at the ancient shrine. There is nothing left of the markings that once used to identify the sacred grounds but the place is still a beautiful sight with the evening sky turning to night and the stars illuminating the water. We are putting up camp here because this will be our final stand. I'm sitting in my tent writing this entry, hopefully not my last. The group has settled in their own tents around me and I will soon go outside and put up the markers that focuses the groups powers into this exact point. May the ancient spirits be with me tonight!

Diary entry 8/14-2013:

What a night.. What a incredible and unbelievable night!

This spot sure got some amazing powers to it and somehow my perception of time had faded to such a degree that I missed my moment! When I was out putting up the markers she suddenly appeared behind me and struck me with.. something. I don't really know what it was, but I felt an icy feeling trickling down my neck and then sudden darkness.

In the darkness something approached me. The being was shining in fluorescent green, reminiscent of elven creatures in lore of old. I remember she touching my chest where my pendant always resides, and I lifted my hand up to my chest and grabbed the pendant. Awake, I was suddenly awake and in my hand there was an ominous green glowing sword. My eyes drifted from the sword and up to the settling sun then down to the camp-site where Daniel, Makayla and Nora were levitating above the water, their doubles being pulled towards them.

I knew I had little time and I could see Thea surrounded by a dark aura doing strange signings in the air. My feet moved by them self and I moved at an incredible pace, far surpassing that of an ordinary human being. Possessed by some ancient spirit, my body bent forward almost touching the ground, appearing to be sliding on the ground and this without making a sound. Before the witch could turn around to face me, I was slashing out and cut Thea Becks head clean of.

I regained my body and in a strange sort of way I found myself drained of power. The blade had lost its glow, now it was a pale grey color. I remember slashing the witchís head of and penetrating that black aura with my sword. Had the two auraís cancelled each other out? I honestly don't know. All I know is that the second sun appeared and it was over.

Daniel, Nora and Makayla all survived the eclipse and with their doubles all incorporated into their bodies. Strange as it might be, they don't seem to recollect anything past the cabin. I'm not sure if that is good news or bad news since I can't prove that any of the events really happened. On the other side, who would want to remember the things we have experienced.

When the group had gained consciousness I sent them home telling them that it was all over. After they left I wandered around camp and picked up lots of relics and sacrificial herbs left by the witch. It seems that she knew what I had planned, because she had altered the spell so that it completed the disaster rather than abort it. The nightmare of the two setting suns almost happened.

The amount of phlogiston left here is reduced to near nothing. Maybe a disaster like this is a way of dispelling energy that builds up? I will have to tell Archibald about this when I get back to Bergen.
A tale of two suns is a double sided story of a ancient ritual made possible by the phlogiston levels in Bergen city.
Created by Group 3