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Our mission

The life of a student in Bergen can sometimes be hard. It can also be harder if you are new in Norway as well. There are lectures to go to, studying to be done and now you are on your own. You need to balance your finances and even figure out how to use the mysterious laundry machine. We are here to help you with some of these "dark sides" of your new student life in Bergen.

Guide for new students in Bergen

Being new to a city can be a daunting challenge and even more so if you're also new to the country you just moved to. So we have created a guide for newcomers to Bergen. This guide tells you what you can expect from the weather and how you can get around the city.

Simple cooking for the student

We have gathered some easy recipies that everyone can cook. Moreover, we chose some tips for new chefs that might be cooking for the first time.

General advices

As a student, living on your own for the first time can be overwhelming. We come up with some tips that can help you through the early days on your own. We will also show you where you can get some help if things become too hard or difficult.