Lets go for a drink

Mixology is a webpage for simple, down to earth, drink recipes. Here we show you how easy it is to create the classics and more! It does not take a lot to create a good drink, with the right ingridients and equipment you will be surprised at what you can achieve. We here at Mixology, believe that everyone has the necessary skills to create a wonderful drink. All drink recipes follow as close to the original recipes as possible. The most important part of crafting a good drink is tasting it, dont be afraid to tweak the recipes to your own liking, if you would like it sweeter, simply add more sugar!
Remember to always drink responsibly!


Drink 1
Dry Martini
A timeless classic
Drink 3
Old Fashioned
Not just for old men.
Drink 3
Lime, rum, sugar, simple!
Drink 4
Blood and Sand
Not pretty, but very good.