Upcoming Events

Sports Classics Showdown

We've had the Open Top Showdown on multiple tracks, then the Super Car Showdown on R.O.N. Raceway and last time out it was a Muscle Car Showdown on a variety of tracks again. Now it's time to really push the boat out in what could turn out to be a very interesting showdown indeed - Sports Classics on Blaine County 24h.

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CWilsons Multi-Class Endurance

This is a Multi-Class Endurance Race on my track Circuit of Los Santos. The format will be the same as Broughy's Multi-Class Endurance Championship, in which there will be 3 different classes. The race will last for 1 hour or 38 laps.

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Open Class Racing(Muscle)

Hello everyone! Katenhond2010 here again with another open class racing event! This will be the second time I'm hosting this and it's also exactly two months after the very first event! Open class racing is a type of racing I've came up with and after the succes of hosting it on PS3 I've decided to host an open class racing event on PS4 as well! Make sure to read the thread linked below, and sign up if you're interested.

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WRC V - San Andreas(Stage 1)

San Andreas is hosting the first Official WRC Rally Stage. A traditional Time Trial, where a racer will go one by one to complete the downhill circuit as fast as possible. The course should take around 3 minutes to complete, but due to people going one by one this event will be limited to 18 racers

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Pair Endurance III: Formula We-E

This race will follow a traditional Le Mans Start. The cars will be organised into a randomised order (using Both drivers will start outside the car. The participants must run to their cars and jump in. Both drivers must be in the car before you set off.

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