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Clickity-Clack! Thock-thock! Those are sounds that have entranced millions of consumers who have invested in a mechanical keyboard. Discover the magic of mechanical keyboards.

These keyboards were the first type of computer keyboards, but they were increasingly replaced by so-called rubberdomes and scissor-switches - the types of keyboard the vast majority of computer users worldwide are using - because they are far cheaper to produce. Mechanical keyboards have however exploded in popularity in recent years, as computer users are realizing that it is well worth it to spend extra money on an instrument they use for hours every day, when there are so many benefits. Mechanical keyboards are more ergonomic than non-mechanicals, cause less fatigue, and last much longer before wearing out.

Duck Viper with GMK Hyperfuse

Duck Viper with GMK Hyperfuse keycaps

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Discover mechanical keyboards, the superior choice for ergonomics.

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