Did you just moved in to Bergen? Fall in-love with this charming little city. Known as the university town of Norway, it is a place where most expats never leave. Enjoy the scenery and the rich cultural history. Bergen City Life is dedicated to making your stay in Bergen memorable! There is so much too see and we have chosen the major highlights that Bergen has to offer. Don’t forget to always bring an umbrella!



Overlooking the charming Bergen city centre, Fløyen is one of the most popular places visited by tourist. It is overlooking the Bergen Peninsula and 399 masl. A funicular system is used that transports the passenger from the bottom to the near-top of Fløyfjellet. Go to website



It is the highest of “The seven mountains” that surrounds Bergen, It has the altitude of 643 meters above sea level. Go to website



Tired of going to Fløyen over and over again? Try Stoltzekleiven a steep path with cirka 906 stairsteps towards Sandviken mountain top. Go to website


Hiking Rules
  • Be prepared
  • Leave word of your route
  • Be weatherwise
  • Be equipped for bad weather and frost.
  • Learn from the locals
  • Use map and compass
  • Don't go solo
  • Turn back in time; sensible retreat is no disgrace
  • Conserve energy and build a snow shelter if necessary
  • Go to website



A World Heritage Site Bryggen, is the heart of Bergen. Also known as theWharf of Bergen. These were and still are commercial buildings that were built on the hanseatic or the trading era in Europe. Enjoy a stroll in this magnificent block and feel the essence of the hanseatic era all year long. Go to website



Tired of hiking or are you just bored? Sit, relax and enjoy the ride up to Mount Fløyen with Bergen's funicular -- Floibanen. Floibanen officially opened in the 15 of January 1918. It is accessable also for people on a wheelchair. Transport to Mount Fløyen is every 30 minutes from opening up to 10am then every 15 minutes until 8:30pm. Go to website


Stave church

Are you interested in Middleage architechture? Then Fantoft Stave Church is for you! Located in a small town just outside Bergen, this church was originally located in Fortun in Sogn and possibly was built around 1150. How was it moved to fanfoft? Visit this enchanting piece of architechture and find out! Go to website


Fine dining

Restaurant 1877


Ready for an evening of class and sass? Then restaurant 1877 is a elegant place to be in. This restaurant opened in Bergen in 2013. It is located in the the middle of the heart of Bergen. They have a passion for food Restaurant 1877 åpnet i Bergen i Januar 2013. A perfect place to propose to woman or celebrate an intimate milestone. Go to website

Bergen's own fastfood

Søstrene Hagelin

Søstrene Hagelin/Sisters Hagelin

Want to try something new? Have tasted Bergen's mouthwatering fish cakes?Or have you tried fish soup on a cold rainy day? Søstrene Hagelin is the perfect place for low cost meals and Bergen authenticity. Even King Harald is head over heals over the fish cakes. Originally, the Hagelin family originated from Sweden this family has a rich history in Bergen."Home is where the heart is",sisters Elna and Gudrun have moved from Sogndal to Stabekk but in the end moved to Bergen for good. Go to website


Amalie's Hage

Amalies Hage/Amalies Garden

Food and books may not be a perfect combination, but for Amalies Hage this is not true. Located in inside Bergen Public Library. Take a stroll in the library and grab an interesting book of your taste. At the same time enjoy a sip of tea or a glass of chilled wine as your thoughts wander in the book that you are reading. Go to website


The Sportsbar

The Scotsman Pub


Bergenser or the people of bergen talk about two things: the weather and mostly sports. The scotsman is lively place for the manfolk(and also the women) on a sports night! Newly renovated it is the one of the biggest nightclubs in Bergen. Go to website

Perfect place for Bergen's students



If you are young and you love to Party? Tidi is the place. As mentioned Bergen is home to a lot of students. Tidi is a two storey party house and is possible to arrange private parties. There is a big dancefloor and professional Dj's that are perfect for those who love to dance. A perfect place to end a fantastic night! Go to website

Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere



Kaos is a charming ang more intimate bar located in Bergen Center. Take your friends with you and just sit back and relax while making time wander as you enjoy a stressfree evenning. Enjoy a chat with your friends with good music and a glass of your favorite drink. Wednesdays is Ladies Night! It is a guarantee unforgetable experience with lively music and fantastic atmosphere. Go to website