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Jucing is not the same as smoothie or juice bought in the stores that could contain a lot of sweetening and preservatives. Juicing is to squeeze fruit and vegetables resulting in a delicious liquid. One way to extract this liquid is to use a centrifugal juice machine. Juicing is a good way to ensure the consumption of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Even though it is a great source of nutrition, it is important to keep it as a supplement to a rich and diverse diet.

When making the juice there will be a lot of pulp left that most “juicers” throw away in the trash. It is a good idea to make use of the pulp in various courses for economic and environmental reasons, as well as the fact that it is healthy. This website will give you the information you need regarding juice recipes that contribute to several health benefits, the use of pulp, in addition to the nutrition found in the vegetables and fruit presented in this site


The equipment needed for making juice is a juice machine that squeezes the liquid with efficiency. There are several types of juice machines. The three most common ones are Centrifugal Juicers, which is a spinning basket that shreds the fruits and vegetables using a sharp disc, Masticating Juicers, which masticates the content and squeezing the juice out, and in the end a Twin Gear Juicer with two interlocking gears that press together in order to extract the juice.

Most juicers are powerful enough to dissolve fruit and vegetables without any preparation. Still there could be some essential tips to improve taste. This could be to remove the core in apples and other similar fruit, as well as peeling the beetroot in order to avoid the earthly taste. Some thinks that removing the peel could ruin the antioxidants and other important nutrition’s that often lies underneath the peel. It could therefore be advantageous to keep the peel on, unless you are an allergic.

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