Welcome to Norway, the land of Trolls!

Sign post of a troll in Norway

Trolls have always been an important part of the Norwegian culture and, lately, they are starting to get a world wide recognition. Even so, not everybody agree on the stories revolving trolls, some people belive them to be real, while others treat them as mythical creatures. Which is your belief about them?

Either way, there is no denying that the trolls' popularity is growing among fantasy lovers, moviegoers and travellers alike. One might credit this surge of interest to the fantasy genre and popular culture, but we think the explanation is quite simple.

Trolls are some awesome creatures and that's why people are flowing in from all over the world to experience them by first hand. And Norway is a country where the trolls have a rooted culture, they are in stories, they are in movies and paintings, they are in parks and in forests...they are everywhere!

About us

We are three students at the University of Bergen; Paula, Isabelle and Anders, and we decided to create a web site were you can go inside the world of the Norwegian culture about trolls. We are really interested in learning about other cultures, so we decided to give you the chance to get to know one part of the Norwegian culture!

We hope you enjoy exploring our website! But if you have any suggestion, doubts or recomendations, do not hesitate contacting us. Your suggestions aim us to keep improving our web site!