26.11.2013 // Brand new t-shirts

New t-shirts are now available for purchase at our upcoming gigs! Yep that's right, get excited because now you can get your mitts on one of these juicy bad boys for a measly 200kr (bargain). And yes we do now have more colours available and womens sizes. We know you'd all be looking mighty fine rocking our latest EP Orange on your chests for all the world to admire and as a bonus we're doing a 2 for 1 offer at our next show. Get involved before they sell out ladies and juicymen.

09.11.2013 // Help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines

As many of you are aware a terrible tragedy in the form of Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines last week. This devastating natural disaster ripped the roofs off of houses, uprooted trees and took the lives of thousands. We urge any of our fans out there to join along with many others worldwide by showing your support and donating. UNICEF is just one of many charities that you can donate through. We particularly like this one as it is mainly concerned with the health of children and their families. Your donation will help provide immediate relief to families and children affected by the disaster through the distribution of water purification tablets, soap, medical kits, tarpaulins and micronutrient supplements. So all you juicyfur lovin' good folk should head over to www.unicef.org or any other charity sites and spare some of your lose change to help make a difference. Even the smallest amount will mean something. Thanks guys!

31.10.2013 // Juicy halloween at Kvarteret

Juicyfur rocked the house at the Up & Coming event at Kvarteret on Halloween last month featuring some of their newest material. Up & Coming promotes many of Bergen's fledging bands and gives them the opportunity to showcase their music. The rock'n'roll trio from Haugesund are a band created for the stage and stirred up a groovy atmosphere with their hard hitting, melodic tunes which had more than a few heads banging. If you were down there (costume or no costume) thanks for showing your support and contributing to a great night!