What's the Buzz with coffee at UiB?

Welcome! Pull up a chair and relax, because it's coffee time! For all you college students out there that are new in town and wondering where the best spots to study and get your cup of coffee are, this is the site you have been looking for! Whether you are looking for a place to make new friends, relax, or get your studying done, you can get your exclusive look at cafe's around the UiB campus here. This website is complete with addresses, operation hours, menu's, pricing, and testimonial's from patrons and employee's of each cafe visited. Each cafe has their own unique atmosphere, and you are bound to find your new home away from home. All this information about coffee will provide you with the tools to a successful college career. When you have more coffee and caffeine than blood running through your bloodstream, pulling an all nighter to finish that paper you have so tactfully put off until the last minute will become easy. College is easy when you have good friends and a cup of coffee in hand. That's the buzz with coffee at UiB!