Program ACDC2010

Tentative program for ACDC2010


Core lectures (9.-12.6.): R. Hindmarsh, A. Jenkins, S. Osterhus, O.A. Noest, O. Sergienko, F. Straneo


  • Core lecture 1: Ice sheets, ice streams, and ice shelves in the climate system - basic concepts
  • Core lecture 2: State of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet from observations
  • Core lecture 3: The ice-shelf/ocean boundary
  • Core lecture 4: A view from the ocean - multi-decadal ocean variability and water mass properties


Special lectures (15.-18.6.):


  • Dynamics of ice streams, ice shelves, grounding lines (R. Hindmarsh)
  • Simple models of fast ice stream dynamics (A. Vieli)
  • Ocean circulation and dynamics in fjords (F. Straneo)
  • Imprints of ice sheets on the ocean circulation (P. Heimbach)
  • Interactions of ice shelves and ocean circulation (O.A. Nøst)
  • Ice sheet models for climate modeling and sea-level projections (J. Johnson)
  • Ice sheet-atmosphere interactions (D. Battisti)
  • The Blue Arctic (T. Furevik)
  • Ice sheet-ocean interactions in glacial climates (K. Nisancioglu)
  • What can paleo data tell us about past ice shelf and ice sheet retreat (J. Gebbie)


Program for the ACDC2010 summer school.


Preliminary reading list for those who wish (and have time) to prepare. (Not required reading). You get the pdf-ducuments of the references by clicking on [PDF].


ACDC2010 had additional support from US Department of Energy`s Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (DoE/ASCR) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).




21-10 2011