Program ACDC2009

The school starts Thursday 4th of June 2009 with core lectures on Thursday and Friday and half of Saturday. Excursion by boat and bus Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We continue the following week with advanced topics and discussions, ending Friday 12th of June. There will be cultural entertainment one evening and a summer school closure dinner in downtown Bergen Thursday or Friday evening.

Download detailed program (pdf).

Slides from lectures.

First week (4-5th of June)

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Fundamental lectures on the core topics:

Two lectures every day, each 2 hours + questions and discussion. These lectures are aimed at introducing the core topics and making sure all students are familiar with the fundamentals.

1)  Dynamics and variability of the atmosphere - David Battisti,  University of Washington

2)  Dynamics and variability of the ocean - Helen Johnson, University of Oxford

3)  Basic state and variability of past ocean - Jake Gebbie, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4)  Dynamics and variability of the coupled system - Johan Nilsson, University of Stockholm

Second week (8th-12th of June)

Lectures on advanced topics both for students and lecturers:

Two core lectures every day (each 1-1.5 hours + discussion). One lecture before, and one after lunch. Each day starts with the students summarizing the previous day.

Dynamics and variability of the atmosphere:

Understanding the atmospheric circulation response to anthropogenic forcing - David W. J. Thompson (Colorado State University)

Dynamics and variability of the ocean:

Role of the Sub Polar Gyre in the global overturning circulation - Helge Drange (BCCR/GFI);

Monitoring and detecting changes in the MOC - Johanna Baehr (University of Hamburg);

Implications for Atlantic MOC observing systems of adjoint model sensitivities - Patrick Heimbach (MIT);

Nordic recipes: constraining the ocean's northern overturning - Tor Eldevik (BCCR/NERSC);

Predictability and variability of the ocean circulation: A non-normal
perspective - Laure Zana (University of Oxford).

Basic state and variability of past ocean:

color: #888888;">Stability of past ocean circulation, examples from past abrupt climate changes - Kerim H. Nisancioglu (BCCR);

The Southern Ocean and Global Overturning Circulation, theory and paleo constraints - Ulysses Ninnemann (BCCR/UIB);

Climate related variability in the MOC: lessons from the ooze - Kikki Kleiven (BCCR);

Multidecadal variability as observed in ocean and gridded atmospheric data  - Trond M. Dokken & Øyvind Lie (BCCR).

Dynamics and variability of the coupled system:

Thermohaline circulation and the hydrological cycle - Johan Nilsson (University of Stockholm)

Coupled Arctic-AMOC interactions in the past and present  - Cecilia Bitz (University of Washington)

Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation as seen in models, observations and paelo data - Odd Helge Otterå (BCCR/NERSC).


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