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"Venue" Nyksund, Vesterålen Norway

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As accommodation in Nyksund we have booked several different guest houses and boathouses (traditional Norwegian house next to the ocean, but not containing boats). The students are expected to share a room with one to three other students, depending on the room.

Nyksund Gjestehus (Nyksund Guesthouse, sorry in Norwegian only)

Nyksund Gjestehus is run by Bennt og Linda Aase Solheim. They aim for high comfort and an nice atmosphere in their homely rooms where you can rest comfortably. "We want to promote well-being in addition to giving their guests a traditional northern norwegian food experience and an urge to return". The menue will depend on the available local produce.

Holmvik brygge and Holmvik sjøhus (Holmvik Guesthouse: picture 2 in the top right album)

Holmvik brygge is run by Ssemjon and Jasmin. They have restored the guesthouse to it's current state. "The place brings you back in time to when Nyksund was one of the most important fishing villages on the Vesterålen. Here you will experience history, without renunciation of modern achievements."


The lectures will be held at Nyksund brygge (red builing in picture 7 in the top right album).



Nyksund is a coastal village in Vesterålen, northern Norway.




People have been living in Nyksund since before recorded history. Until the late 18th century, the population was scarce, but with the rise of commercial trade, Nyksund became an important centre for hundreds of fishermen coming to exploit the rich cod fisheries nearby.


As bigger vessels and road transportation rendered the port obsolete due to its shallow waters and poor road, Nyksund became an isolated outpost with a dwindling population. Finally, measures were made to shut the place down. During the 1970s the place became a ghost town.


With the turn of the 21st century, after 30 years of erosion, the lights were turned back on in Nyksund. New citizens found the old houses worthwhile. In 2003, the main obstacke to new activity in Nyksund was inadequate infrastructure -- be it roads, postal service, or utility services. Modern Nyksund hosts a summer population of 30 to 40 people and and about a half-dozen hardy souls remain throughout the harsh winters.



The region has a maritime climate with mild winters even though it is located north of the Arctic circle. The wettest season is found in the autumn, but don't dispear, it's not as bad as it sounds, this is also a good location to see the midnight sun.




You can click onto these pages for a map showing the location and for weather updates and forecasts for Nyksund.

11-4 2013