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Lyngen and Tromsø

The peninsula of Lyngen is situated between two fjords east of Tromsø and attracts visitors largely because of its beautiful scenery. The area is characterized by deep valleys, streams and glaciers between jagged mountains. Recently, the Lyngen Alps became protected because of their native cultural heritage and their value as a glaciological and quaternary geological reference area.


Lyngen is also the name of the easterly fjord and means originally “calm”. The high mountains protect the inland from bad weather coming from the west, which allows for clear and sunny skies of the east coast. Here the MIT Fablab is situated. Lyngen lies north of the polar circle, and the summer weather ranges from 5 degrees Celsius with wind and rain to 28 degree Celsius and sunshine. However, at the latitude of 70 degrees, the sun never goes below the horizon from 21th of May to 21th of July.

Tromsø is the seventh biggest city in Norway and is often referred as the capital of Northern Norway. The city grew from fish trading and the need for a starting point for Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Nowadays the university as well as the hospital of northern Norway are the biggest employers. Even if Tromsø contains all the facilities of a big town, it’s relatively small size conserves the intimate charm of a village. The city centre is condensed on an island comprising a rich cultural life with numerous amounts of pubs, cafes and restaurants and many festivals during the year.

For more information about Lyngen and Tromsø please go to (the Tourist Information Office of Tromsø)


The Summer School will be held at FabLab situated 1,5 hour from the city of Tromsø in northern Norway.



Download travel infosheet 1 and infosheet 2.

The participants are expected to organize and pay their own travel. Accommodation and course fees will be covered by the summer school. Students without own funding can apply for travel support in the application form.

Both SAS ( and Norwegian airlines ( operate several ights per day between Oslo and Tromsø. Norwegian also ies direct between London Gatwick and Tromsø on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Some scheduled ights also operate between Tromsø and other cities in Norway, Sweden, Latvia, and Russia, but the schedules vary seasonally.


Will be at FabLab and Solvik Gård on Lyngen.


Will be provided by FabLab.


Norwegian currency and price level
The currency of Norway is Norwegian Kroner (NOK), and the approximate exchange rate is presently 1 Euro = 8 NOK and 1 USD = 6 NOK.

It may also be useful to know that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, not least when it comes to public transport, restaurants, tobacco and alcoholic beverages.


Map of the Area:


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