Practicalities ACDC2009

Where is Bergen?
Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. It is situated on the west coast, facing the sea and surrounded by seven mountains. Because of its proximity to the Atlantic Gulf Stream, the climate is rather mild all year round. Summer temperatures generally range from 12 – 25 degrees (Celsius), and though Bergen is often pictured as the “Rain City”, it certainly also has its sunny days.

Both the scenary and the architecture in Bergen attract tourists from all over the world. Narrow paving stoned streets twist down the hills between small picturesque white painted wooden houses. In the city centre you will find a charming mix of old and new, the famous fish market, the Hanseatic buildings (Bryggen), and a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, shops and museums.

Due to its location on a peninsula between seven mountains, the city centre itself is not very big. All the same it is a lively town with more than 30 000 students living here-many of them coming abroad. Bergen has an interesting cultural life and a pulsating night life.

For more information about Bergen please go to the City of Bergen Tourist Office.

The Summer School will be held at Espegrend, situated 25 min from the city centre.

Bergen is well connected to the rest of the world by direct air flights from/to a number of central European airports and by railway (via Oslo).

The participants are expected to organise and pay their own travel. Accomodation and course fees will be covered by the summer school. Students without own funding can apply for travel support in the applicaton form.

Will be at Espegrend.

Will be provided by a catering company and served at Espegrend.

Norwegian currency and price level
The currency of Norway is Norwegian Kroner (NOK), and the approximate exchange rate is presently 1 Euro = 9 NOK and 1 USD = 7.15 NOK.

It may also be useful to know that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, not least when it comes to public transport, restaurants, tobacco and alcoholic beverages and nationally produced merchandise in general.

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