Lectures ACDC2013

Collection of lectures from Nyksund

A pdf of the slides form the lectures can be found here. NB!!! Before you use any of the slides, get in touch with the author, this might be unpublished work!

In addition you can find summaries of each lecture as prepared by the summer school students:

Core Lecture 1: Radiative forcing of the climate – Kerim Nisancioglu
Core Lecture 2: Marine proxies – Jerry McManus
Core Lecture 3: Ice-sheet system dynamics – Lev Tarasov
Core Lecture 4: Terrestrial proxies – Ray Bradley
Core Lecture 5: Reconstructions of past ice margins – Julie Brigham-Grette
Core Lecture 6: The ocean's role in deglacial climate change – Axel Timmermann
Core Lecture 7: Numerical ocean modelling, freshwater forcing and abrubt climate change – Alan Condron
Core Lecture 8: How topography shapes circulation and precipitation – David Battisti

Topical Lecture 1: Simulating the Last Glacial Termination – Axel Timmermann
Topical Lecture 2: Abrupt climate change – Ray Bradley
Topical Lecture 4: Heinrich events - a view from land? – Julie Brigham-Grette
Topical Lecture 5: Towards simulating Heinrich events: Modelling the trajectories and melting of ice bergs calved into the North Atlantic – Alan Condron
Topical Lecture 7: Reconstricting the Large-Scale Deep and intermediate circulation of the North Atlantic during the LGM and Last Deglaciation – Jerry McManus
Topical Lecture 8: The role of the atmosphere in the last deglaciation – David Battisti
Topical Lecture 9:Quantifying past ice sheet evolution uncertainty through Bayesian calibration of glacial system models and the challenge of missing ice – Lev Tarasov
Topical Lecture 10: Ice sheet-ocean interactions and sea level change – Patrick Heimbach


Pictures from Nyksund:

A shared dropbox with the shared pictures can be found here, and use the common username and password that Nick set up.

7-10 2013