ACDC2010 Lectures

STUDENT SUMMARIES and lectures (pdf):


Fundamental lectures:

Hindmarsh (Ice sheets, ice streams and ice shelves - an introduction) pdf and

Straneo (The North Atlantic, Sub-Polar Gyre, and Arctic ocean) pdf pdf by Jason Amundson, Alison Criscitiello and Michelle Koutnic



Johnson (Ice sheet modeling - a primer) pdf and

Nøst (Southern Ocean Circulation and Variability) pdf by Xylar Asay-Davis, Natalya Gomez and Ivana Cvijanovic


Sergienko (Special Processes at the ice-ocean front) pdf pdf and

Jenkins (Ice Shelf/Ocean Processes) pdf by Ruth Mottram, Tore Hattermann and Christine LeDoux


Sergienko (Ice shelves & Inverse modelling), pdf pdf

Hindmarsh (Dynamics and modelling of ice streams and ice shelves) pdf and

Østerhus (One hundred Years in the Nordic Seas, and Thermohaline Circulation) pdf pdf by Kathleen Huybers, Rebecca Walsh Dell, Patrick Applegate


Advanced lectures:

Johnson (Ice sheet models for climate modelling and sea-level projections), pdf

Hindmarsh (Ice2Sea) pdf and

Vieli (state of Greenland and Antarctica from observations) pdf by Twila Moon, Pierre St-Laurent, Carl Gladish and Anne Tårånd Aasen


Jenkins (CDW flows on the Amundsen Sea Shelf) pdf and

Hindmarsh (Theories of marine ice sheet instability) pdf by Mathieu Morlighem, Virna Loana Meccia, Hansi Singh and Daniel Goldberg


Straneo (Ice-Ocean Interaction in Greenland´s fjords) pdf and

Nøst (Dronning Maud Land Work) pdf by Glen Granzow, Laura Herraiz Borreguero and Andrew Rhines


Battisti (Atmospheric circulation and ice sheets) pdf and

Furevik (The blue Arctic - projections and implications from reduced Arctic) pdf by Helene Seroussi, Marius Årthun and Monica Winsborrow


ACDC2010 had additional support from US Department of Energy`s Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (DoE/ASCR) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


2-9 2011